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Terms and Conditions

1. I request a quantity of up to 8 tests COVID-19 home test kits (“Kits”) per 30-day period or per calendar month from A1 Pharmacy Inc including requests that I made on behalf of myself and/or dependents covered under my insurance plan (collectively, “Eligible Person”).


2. I acknowledge that my requests for the Kits will be fulfilled by A1 Pharmacy Inc if my insurance plan provides coverage for the Kits. Additional information about testing resources for individuals without insurance coverage for the Kits can be found here:


3. I acknowledge that I have the legal authority to submit requests for the Kits on behalf of the Eligible Person.


4. By providing my phone number, I authorize A1 Pharmacy Inc including subsidiaries, and/or subcontractors (collectively, “Vendor” or “Vendors”) to contact me via telephone and/or SMS text to confirm information to process my requests for the Kits.


5. I authorized A1 Pharmacy Inc to use the Eligible Person’s Protected Health Information (“PHI”) for the purpose of submitting claims to my insurance plan and for purposes permitted under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).


6. I understand that I may cancel my requests at any time by sending an email to or by calling 239-491-2649. Notwithstanding, cancellation will only apply to pending requests that have not been fulfilled and not to any Kits have been shipped or delivered to the Eligible Person.


7. I authorize a representative of the A1 Pharmacy Inc to pick up the Kits and to arrange the subsequent shipment of the Kits on behalf of Eligible Person.


8. I will not use the Kits for employment or resale purposes. I will not use the Kits to satisfy any travel restrictions imposed by the governing authorities.


9. I will not use the Kits for children <2 years old.


10. By agreeing to the terms set forth herein, I acknowledge that no claim or dispute, known or unknown, between Eligible Person and A1 Pharmacy Inc and/or its affiliated pharmacy cannot be pursued or resolved as part of a class action, consolidated/aggregated proceeding, private attorney general, or other representative action or proceeding (collectively, “Class Action”). All claims or disputes may be pursued or resolved on an individual basis.


11. For more information, please view our privacy policy and terms of service.

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